A few days ago, a woman named Toktam Jorshari filed a lawsuit suing Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy after an alleged incident on July 28, 2020, according to TMZ.

That assault is no longer alleged after TMZ found video of the incident showing Rondo and his girlfriend confronting the woman over her parking next to them.

The Atlanta Hawks guard could be seen getting in the face of the woman and nudging her as he eventually stood by as his girlfriend went to work on the woman’s face.

“In court documents, Toktam Jorshari says she parked next to Rondo’s $300k Rolls-Royce SUV, which she claims was parked in a handicapped parking spot.

In the suit, Jorshari says the NBA star was pissed over how close she parked to his driver’s side door … and claims the Atlanta Hawks player and his GF cussed her out and then attacked her for it.”