One of the newest Winnipeg Jets called his team captain, Tuesday, offering his help in relocating to the city. Injured forward Eric Fehr, a Winkler product who lives here, year-round, figured Andrew Ladd might need a hand as he prepares to move from Atlanta. Fehr got something out of the call, too: a reminder of the good things that could be in store after he rehabs yet another shoulder injury. "He said the one thing about coming over to this team is you get a lot of ice time," Fehr told the Sun. "That's something he really enjoyed last year, and something I'm hoping to have this year." Ladd, of course, went from a role player in Chicago to the captain and leading scorer in Atlanta. Fehr is hoping for a similar career leap. Assuming he makes it back. Let's not pussyfoot around it: as far as trades go, his was the acquisition of damaged goods, not to mention a gamble of sorts for the new Jets. It was just two years ago Fehr had surgery on both shoulders. Torn labrums, the tissue holding the joint together, was the problem. This past season it happened again, on one side, and the Winkler product finds himself missing yet another summer of golf after May surgery. "That's three out of five," Fehr lamented. "I had my back injury a number of years ago." You can't help but wonder if NHL types are ready to stick the "fragile" label on the 25-year-old.