Nick Foles still has not been cleared to return to practice after sustaining a concussion in last week's loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The quarterback was in the Eagles' training facility on Saturday. After he passes the ImPACT baseline concussion test, an independent neurologist must still clear Foles to play. "So that's a big question mark going into next week," coach Chip Kelly said. "He can't participate in anything. So he was in, he attended meetings on Saturday, and he was around. But he has not been cleared to play yet." Because of Foles' concussion, Michael Vick was determined to return to the lineup from a hamstring injury. Vick said after Sunday's 15-7 loss to the New York Giants that once Foles was injured, he "made up [his] mind" that he would put himself in position to play. Vick further injured his hamstring on Sunday, though, and now both Vick and Foles could be out for next week's game against the Oakland Raiders. If that were to happen, rookie Matt Barkley would start. "I really don't know right now," Kelly said. "It really depends on the full report on Mike and the report on Nick. But it could look that way." Barkley sticks to the oft-cited quarterback mantra that he prepares to start every week, even though he's been inactive more often than he's been active this season. That will continue this week, although his preparations might pay off. "We will see what happens this week," Barkley said, "but again, I will prepare like I'm starting." Barkley's progress Barkley's entrances in two games this season have come in less-than-ideal circumstances. The team was trailing both times, and the offense didn't have a rhythm. "I think Matt's been thrown in twice into some tough situations," Kelly said. "I think he prepares outstanding. There are probably a couple throws he wants back, but there are a couple times he gave us a little spark, a little energy." Barkley was more efficient against the Giants than he was a week earlier. He completed 65 percent of his passes on Sunday, which was a 10 percent improvement. He generally took better care of the ball. The interception near the game's end was on a desperation heave. "I felt comfortable and that I did improve, but I do not like to look at the things I did better," Barkley said. "You always have to look at the things you could have done better." Kelly lauded Barkley's setting his feet and quickly throwing the ball. But Kelly said some passes "sailed" on Barkley. Barkley's arm strength will be a constant source of intrigue. It was a knock on him in the predraft process, and he spent the spring recovering from a shoulder injury suffered last November. "It feels comfortable, it feels healthy," Barkley said.