Demoted Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis, inactive the past two games, gave new meaning to the term "sleeper player'' when he admitted Wednesday he nods off during team meetings. "I've never slept through a whole meeting, but I've nodded off,'' Davis said after practice. "I mean everyone nods off. It's dark in there. You nod off. You wake up — go get something to drink and go back. "I've done that.'' Davis was asked if he had been hoping the team would trade him before the deadline Tuesday. "Definitely," he said. "If I was on another team, you'd see what I can do." The sixth-year veteran has fallen dramatically since catching 59 passes for 796 yards and three touchdowns in just 12 games during the 2011 season. This year, he has just three catches for 25 and lost his job to rookie Jordan Reed. "It's frustrating not to be out there because I know there are plays I could make,'' Davis said. "I just want to play. I like it here. I was drafted here. But at the same time, I want to play. If I can't play here, then, I'd rather play somewhere else.'' Davis, who is making $2.5 million this season from his signing bonus and base salary, could also earn up to $1.25 million in incentives. But he will lose a shot at $500,000 of that if he's inactive for five games.