With the same players on the lineup card every night, the Flyers are running out of solutions to the same problems. Too many turnovers. Too few shots. A lot of forced passes. Not enough skating. What’s a coach to do when the same pieces of his puzzle never seem to fit? “I’m trying to find some life and some spark offensively,” Craig Berube said after a practice with new line combinations. “We’re moving it around a bit. There’s still some guys playing together that have been together for a while, though. Just trying to find some combinations that get some offense going.” The Flyers have changed their line combos in each of the last five games and, so far, nothing has clicked. Claude Giroux’s line specifically, has seen nearly every forward on the team play on his wing at some point. Friday it was Matt Read and Brayden Schenn who flanked the captain. “We’re just trying to find chemistry really,” said Giroux, who hasn’t scored in 15 games this season or the last six games of last season. “We haven’t had chemistry the last few games and I think when we get a few goals we’re going to relax a little bit and that’s when we’ll be able to make some plays.” That would be a big change for the Flyers, who are dead last in the league, averaging 1.47 goals per game. “I’m not seeing what I want to see from it, so I mix it up,” Berube said. “I’d like to keep some lines that have some chemistry together, but I haven’t seen that.” Neither has chairman Ed Snider, who also has run out of ideas on how to fix the Flyers. “I wish I knew,” Snider said. “I’ve been in the game for 47 years. I’ve never seen anything like this. We certainly know that we’re more talented than we’re showing on the ice. I think the question is: How talented are we?” Apparently not very in terms of goal scoring.