Flyers captain Claude Giroux woke up one morning in May and couldn’t believe what showed up on his phone. The pictures of the mangled blue Ferrari looked horrendous. Shockingly the accompanying article said that the driver his right wing Jake Voracek was not hurt. Voracek 24 was by himself driving from his home in Kladno Czech Republic to Prague for a meeting. Seeing no turns in the two-lane road peppered with trees ahead of him Voracek went to pass a pickup truck. “I know that road because I’m from there” Voracek said last week. “He put the signal on that he’s gonna turn left. I saw it too late and couldn’t stop so I tried to make it in front and he saw me too late to hit the brakes.” Voracek says he was only going five or 10 over the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour when the truck hit him on the passenger’s side sent him off the road and into a tree. The front passenger wheel blew off the car about 60 feet he estimates. When the Flyers’ leading goal scorer last season got out of his car to ask the truck driver if he was OK the truck driver was shocked to see him in one piece. “Yeah I’m all good” Voracek told the truck driver. “Let’s just call the cops.” The lasting effect for Voracek was a speeding ticket a sore left ankle for a couple weeks and a broken heart. That’s because the Ferrari was his first purchase after signing a four-year $17 million contract last summer. Voracek keeps a car back home and one in Philadelphia. He bought the performance car in October and drove it throughout the lockout. He hasn’t replaced it yet but another Ferrari might be in his future. “A lot of people were saying young people like me shouldn’t have that kind of car” Voracek said. “There wasn’t any difference in the car if I would be driving a BMW or whatever. Whatever the car was I’d have done the same thing so thank God I was driving that car because it probably saved my life. It’s safe.” He wouldn’t be the first Flyer to replace his beat-up ride. When former Flyer Danny Briere crashed his Range Rover while driving in upstate New York with his son a few years back he bought a new one almost immediately.