Scott Stevens, who served as a Devils assistant coach under Pete DeBoer the past two seasons, will not be back for a third. General manager Lou Lamoriello said it was a personal decision made by Stevens and indicated Tommy Albelin will step in and replace the Hall of Famer. "Scotty Stevens will not be coming back this year. There is nothing to read into," Lamoriello stressed. "It's not the organization. It's just a decision he made. "I'm sure it's not something that will be long term. I'm sure he will be back in coaching, hopefully here some day. It's just a personal thing. Personal or professional. Any way you want to look at it." Stevens had been reluctant in past years to accept an assistant coaching position because he did not want to travel so often. He agreed to return to the road as a member of DeBoer's staff in 2012. Albelin has been an assistant coach with the Albany Devils (AHL). He is also a former NHL defenseman.