Forward Mike Knuble doesn’t regret signing a one-year deal to play with the Philadelphia Flyers in 2013 but it kept him away from his home and family in East Grand Rapids Michigan. He turned 41 on July 4 and at this point his primary goal as an unrestricted free agent is to stay close to home. “I never want to move away to the east coast” he told MLive. “I don’t mind some travel some commute. But realistically the options are Detroit and Chicago.” That being said he knows that the Red Wings and Blackhawks “can barely fit in the guys they have” so he’s not holding his breath waiting for something to be worked out. In other words he realizes that his playing career might be over and it sounds like he’s okay with that. “I got a taste of what life would be like without hockey – coaching my kids and being around and being at home and I really enjoyed that” he said referring to what he did during the lockout.