The calendar might say it’s March 2013, but in an alternate world it’s really December. There’s an old saying about the Flyers. They tend to win the Stanley Cup in December, not June. That’s because historically the Flyers always seem to do very well three months into the season, regardless of the coach. With a lockout-shortened season, March officially marks the third month of this season. This is the time the Flyers usually make a push, gather points and resemble world beaters, even though they don’t finish like that in April. This time, however, the Flyers have a real chance to gain momentum in March right into April and perhaps … the playoffs because the season is so much shorter. Under coach Peter Laviolette, the Flyers were 9-3-1 last season in December and 8-4-1 the previous season (2010-11). We won’t count 2009-10 because Laviolette didn’t take over for John Stevens until Dec. 4, 2009. December was a nightmarish start for him at 6-8-1. Even prior to Laviolette or Stevens, however, the Flyers have had strong Decembers or third months of the season.