Flyers captain Chris Pronger, sporting a full beard and wearing glasses, attended Saturday's game and sat in club chairman Ed Snider's box for the Flyers' 4-1 win over the Canadiens. He was smiling, with his family, and appeared in good spirits. Pronger received a standing ovation from the crowd while players on the Montreal bench tapped their sticks on the ice. The Flyers players themselves didn't know Pronger would be here. Pronger never left Snider's box and did not address the team or enter the dressing room. "I didn't know he was going to show up for the game," Danny Briere said. "It's nice to see him out, taking a step in the right direction, I guess for him. You saw the reaction of the crowd. "There's always that thought that you wish he was sitting on the bench with us. But first and foremost, we're happy he's moving in the right direction and that he's able to come and enjoy a game here." Jaromir Jagr waved to the scoreboard from the bench. "He was sitting next to Ed Snider, I thought 'he owns the team now?'" Jagr joked. "We said 'He's the new owner?' and we all waved. Not many guys wanted to do it, but some guys did it. 'Hi.' "I actually saw him two days ago at the practice rink. He was there when we had a day off. I thought he looked good. Hopefully he can come back."