One trademark the Flyers usually can rely upon to produce positive results, is skating combined with physical play. When they do both, like they did Sunday night against the Buffalo Sabres at Wells Fargo Center, the results speak for themselves. In this case, a 3-2 victory that produced a vital two points for a desperate Flyers club, following the disastrous previous five days in which they lost three straight to top Eastern Conference contenders. “It’s do or die, pretty much,” goalie Ilya Bryzgalov said. Peter Laviolette’s club has a very l-o-n-g road to climb after this past week if the playoffs are to become a reality. “I think guys know exactly where they are at. We can’t continue to take on losses, not at this point,” Laviolette said. “You have to win hockey games if we want to put ourselves in a position in the last month to qualify for playoffs. “We talked about the month of March and we still have to battle for it. We need to try and have a decent record through this month, getting through tonight and now we are presented with the Devils coming up this week and it’s a great spot, they’re right in front of us and it’s a good opponent for us.” The third period was a bit hairy, but the Flyers didn’t disappear like they did in Boston on Saturday.