Dallas Eakins had barely been fired when speculation ran rampant that the Edmonton Oilers next move would be to shop Taylor Hall. TSN’s Darren Dreger, the same source who broke the story that the Edmonton coach had been canned Monday morning, speculated Hall would be shopped, allegedly because the Oilers top player wasn’t giving the team what was hoped a from a culture point of view. Departing head coach Eakins took big-time exception to that concept in his farewell press conference Tuesday. “It was brought to my attention late (Monday) night about some things swirling around Taylor that really ate at me,” said Eakins. “If you want to talk directly about Taylor is you’ve looked at the coach and you’ve looked at the manager and now someone is trying to hang it on a player. And when you talk about the Edmonton Oilers, who is the first player that comes up? “Well, Taylor Hall. He’s a dynamic piece here. “My experience has been a short one with Taylor but what I see with this young man is an amazing amount of growth in a year. “I don’t know who Taylor was before I got here but I know who he is now before I came in last year. He’s matured. He’s going to continue to mature. And as he grows into a fine young man, he’s going to turn into a great, great hockey player. “And that’s the thing that we all forget here. And I was guilty of it, too. You forget that a guy is 21 or that Taylor is 23 or that this guy is 19. You forget it.