In a turn of events that sounds ridiculous on the surface, it appears Florida's first-half timeout issues during last weekend's loss to Georgia has been explained.

Blame the wristbands.

Longtime Gators inside Pat Dooley reported Tuesday on his Dooley Noted podcast that there was miscommunication across the board in the first quarter, leading to a pair of pre-snap timeouts that seemed to infuriate Florida coach Dan Mullen on Florida's first possession.

"We had a guy call in the other day and say he knew that (Florida) had the wrong wristbands, the wristbands did not mesh,” Dooley said. “In other words, they’re signaling in — and I’m just picking these out the air — we’re going to signal in X Blue. X Blue means three wide receivers left and one right and that’s the formation. Well, it was coming in X Blue on one wristband and X Yellow on the other.