Jim McElwain won 22 games in his two and a half seasons as Florida’s head coach. In the end, it’s going to cost the Gators about a million bucks a win. Let’s do some rough math. McElwain was hired in Dec. 2014 on a contract that paid an “average” of $3.5 million per year. He got an extension in 2016 to an “average” of $4.25 million, and then another that paid him an average of $4.5 million before the 2017 season. While his actual salaries probably weren’t that high, let’s just take those figures at face value because I’m not going to go back and add in all the incentives he won for two SEC East titles and the like. So that brings us to $12.25 million. But wait! McElwain had a $7 million buyout at Colorado State. The Gators and Rams worked out a deal that saw Florida pay $3 million in cash, pay another $2 million in the form of a guarantee game that has yet to be played, with McElwain himself covering the final $2 million.