Since taking over the decision-making responsibilities in the Minnesota Timberwolves' front office in early May, Flip Saunders has traveled to New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and most recently Italy for work-related reasons. He can now add Washington D.C. to that list. According to a league source, Saunders is meeting with Indiana two-guard Victor Oladipo in D.C. on Friday morning. There's a lot of subterfuge in the weeks leading up to the June 27 Draft. But numerous team and league sources insist Saunders' interest in Oladipo is genuine and the former Indiana star is likely the top player on the Wolves' board. The clear admiration and the fact Oladipo could fill a clear need has Saunders continuing to engage the teams in the top-5 in trade discussions. Not one league official thinks Oladipo gets out of the top-5, and there's even recent buzz that he could be the No. 1 overall pick. Whether forward Derrick Williams is the trade bait to facilitate such a move remains to be seen, but league personnel think Saunders' lovefest with Williams right now is a ploy to increase his value. That Oladipo's camp granted Saunders the gathering shows that he's demonstrated to them an ability to move up.