The build-up for retro night included a potential fight between Calgary Flames forward Akim Aliu and Minnesota Wild scrapper Zenon Konopka, which brought you back to the 1970s. (It never came to pass.) The game, sadly, wasn’t from the high-scoring ’80s. Nope, we were treated to a plodding, whistle-heavy clash circa 2001 for the Hockey Night in Canada affair. The Flames won’t complain, however, after eking out a much-needed 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild Saturday night before the announced Saddledome sellout crowd of 19,289. “When you’ve been struggling at home, you’ve got to find a way,” said Flames goalie Joey MacDonald. “If it’s icing the puck more, keeping it out of our defensive zone, so be it. With Minnesota, that’s the way they are, it’s a patient game and sometimes they’re a boring game to watch, but that’s what they thrive on, teams falling asleep and they capitalize on it. “I thought we did a great job staying with it.”