Ozzie Guillen won’t be there kicking and screaming, and no one’s going to punch A.J. Pierzynski. Lou Piniella won’t be there taking shots at Steve Stone, and no one’s going to have to restrain Carlos Zambrano from attacking his teammates. If there’s going to be a new face to this rivalry – even Alfonso Soriano and Paul Konerko have expiration dates – it might as well be the dude with the long hair flowing out of his backwards hat who grew up going to Cubs-White Sox games and riding on the Indiana Toll Road. It’s the “Chicago Tough” guy – Kenny Williams trademark – who found out what it was like to be loved and hated while playing for Notre Dame. It’s the fearless go-across-the-middle receiver Da Bears once projected as a potential late-first- or early-second-round pick. The crosstown circus has been around since 1997, and the Cubs and White Sox have already played each other 90 times. But the novelty hasn’t worn off for Jeff Samardzija, who starts for the Cubs on Memorial Day on the South Side. “I think they’re the best games of the year, personally,” Samardzija said. “It’s unfortunate we’re only playing four. It’s really a bummer. They’re fun. They’re exciting. I love playing at The Cell.”