troywilliamsonI had a chance to chat Tuesday with Troy Williamson, the 2005 first-round draft choice of the Vikings. He was chosen No. 7 overall with the pick the Vikings got from Oakland in the trade for Randy Moss — forever linking the two wide receivers. While Moss was a legend here, Williamson … well, he was not. He struggled with dropped passes and his confidence sagged. He wound up catching just 79 passes in three seasons with the Vikings before being traded to Jacksonville for a sixth-round pick. By 2010, he was out of the NFL. These days, Williamson lives in Georgia with his wife and four kids. He has several business ventures and is a motivational speaker. There will be a more complete Q&A with Williamson in Sunday’s print edition (and online), but a few of his thoughts seemed good enough — and refreshingly honest — to share ahead of time. *I asked Williamson about his dropped passes when he was with the Vikings and whether stories of him having bad depth perception — for which he had specific eye exercises prescribed to him — played a role.