In Las Vegas, they put Spencer Foo’s name up on the arena marquee. His name in lights in Vegas, before he’d even signed with his first National Hockey League organization. In Edmonton, his hometown, the welcoming committee was more focused. “Hi, I’m Wayne Gretzky. You’d sure look good in blue and orange, Spencer.” In Calgary, they learned he had a weakness for hot sauce, so his dressing room stall included products by Bauer, Warrior, Tabasco, Texas Pete and Frank’s. Hot sauce, exactly what Flames fans are hoping Foo brings to the table when he becomes the star player these NCAA free agents so often are billed to be. “I’ve always seen myself getting to this point, but it is pretty special,” Foo said on his first day at the 2017 Young Stars Classic in Penticton. “Last year, I was probably sitting in class right now.” Foo muddled through two uninspired periods before his game emerged in the final period of a 4-2 loss to Edmonton in the tournament opener Friday night. He took a couple of minor penalties and had an assist on a Mark Jankowski goal, but was outshone by an unknown Kamloops kid named Chad Butcher, who had two goals for Edmonton. Goalie Dylan Wells made 26 for the Baby Oilers saves and was the difference maker in this game.