I just finished going over the Calgary Flames shootout results over the past two seasons, hoping to find something - anything - to point at and say "you're doing it wrong!". It's early, but it looks like Bob Hartley at least has an understanding of the way to go about giving your squad the best chance to win, namely shooting first when given the opportunity, something Brent Sutter was unable (or refused) to acknowledge. IS SHOOTING FIRST THAT BIG OF AN ADVANTAGE? In the past it's been said that the team who scores first wins 80% of shootouts. Obviously, shooting first gives you the best chance to score first. Home team gets to choose whether they'd like to shoot first or not and EVERY SINGLE TEAM the Flames have faced on the road has chosen to shoot first. It's what you do. Seven road games, Flames' opponent took first crack every time. In 6 home games at head coach, Sutter chose to let the opponent shoot first 3 times. Bob Hartley so far is 2 for 2 in choosing first shot. Progress? Is 80% accurate? Honestly, I don't feel like digging up ALL of the data, but I CAN tell you the results for that figure in the 15 games the Flames have played in.