Wanted: A white knight. (Doesn’t necessarily have to be Corban with a capital ‘K’ on the surname either.) A whole roundtable of ’em would be ideal of course. And it isn’t to say anyone needs to slay the fire-breathing dragon and win the heart of the fair damsel right off the hop either. But identifying one at least one among an ever-growing stockpile of young candidates willing and able to capture the imagination of a city provide a quick credibility injection to a rebuild that’s already a couple of seasons behind its best-before date inject a sense of hope in a time of heightened uncertainty is vital. What’s needed is a poster boy for this new dawn of theirs a saviour-in-training to make even the most painful of nights this season easier to bear to accept because yes the promise of hope of salvation does indeed exist; isn’t so very far off in the distance. Or at least doesn’t seem to be. Without that to hold tight to a whole lotta nights down at the ol’ Saddledome could wind up feeling longer than winter solstice. So gents who’s got the moxie to step up? A show of hands please ... Top pick Sean Monahan perhaps? One of three goalies auditioning to replace a local legend? The Swiss Mr. Sven Baertschi? Max Reinhart? The ideally named Mr. Knight? Do Mikael Backlund No. 11 jerseys suddenly become all the rage under Calgary Christmas trees this Yuletide? In this post-Iginla post-Kiprusoff apocalypse who can Calgary feel confident in cosying up to for both the present and in winters ahead? With two NHL years of seasoning to draw on plenty of swashbuckle to his game and now entering his third year T.J. Brodie has as good a chance as any to be that white knight. “After last year and the year before I feel a bit more a part of the team” confesses Brodie following the Calgary Flames’ Friday workout at WinSport. “We’re going to be a young fast team and hopefully if we can all be on the same page we can get off to a good start.