Conversations between Darryl Sutter and Miikka Kiprusoff weren't long when Sutter coached the star goalie in Calgary. Sutter, who now coaches the Kings, is almost loquacious compared to the quiet Finn. But Sutter clearly enjoys talking about him and their run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2004. "Man of few words," Sutter said Friday. "That's why we have such a good relationship, because we know what to expect. It's not hard to figure out, right? Show up. Game day. Go hard. Go home." The Kings and Sutter will see plenty of Kiprusoff in the coming days — potentially twice in three days. The Kings play the Flames on Saturday and Monday at Staples Center. Kiprusoff missed about a month because of a knee injury and Calgary went 6-5-2 without him. Sutter saw a possible parallel between 2004 and 2013. "He's a great goalie," Sutter said. "He gives them an instant chance again. The last time he took six weeks off in February and March, he went to Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final. If you look at it, same thing. The injury, the six weeks, came back."