Boy, are the Calgary Flames ever getting ahead of themselves. One thrilling win and, well, just listen to Michael Cammalleri. “Yeah, start the parade.” But seriously, folks, he’s joshing. This is just a toss-off line to make a point. Because Cammalleri continued, eloquently explaining why a single victory — even one as rousing as Sunday’s come-from-behind 5-4 decision over the visiting Phoenix Coyotes — is not a season-maker. Or even close. “I know that you guys like to search for these big momentum (shifts), these moments that you can say were the determining factor and it’s great for the gossip columns,” he told reporters Monday before the squad hopped a charter flight to Minnesota, the starting point of a two-game trip. “But the truth is, it’s about a consistent effort. If you look over a season, you want to give yourself a probability to win more often than not. I don’t know that one game does that for you. In fact, I would tell you that one game doesn’t do that for you. “I would tell you that it’s your habits, day in and day out, that end up making you a good team — or end up making you a team that’s not good enough.” Minutes after the morning’s optional practice, Bob Hartley had been whistling a similar tune.