Joakim Nordstrom might not be a familiar name to most Flames fans, but to a good chunk of the current roster, he’s known as a friend.

Estimating he knows roughly half the players on the team he signed a one-year deal with on Monday to kill penalties and patrol the fourth line, Nordstrom is quick to point out there’s one in particular he may be a little bit too familiar with.

“Elias Lindholm is an absolute sandbagger,” deadpanned the 28-year-old winger who golfs regularly with the Flames star in their native Sweden.

“I don’t think he’s adjusted his handicap in four years. He usually beats me, he’s a good golfer. So, the friendship fees are high enough – he can’t charge me anymore.”

Becoming the sixth Swede on the Flames roster, it should come as no surprise Nordstrom works out regularly with Oliver Kylington and is so tight with Lindholm that the two went on a golf trip a few years back to Portugal with another new Flame, Jacob Markstrom.

The trio has also travelled to see Champions League games in Spain and went on fishing expeditions, like the one this summer that still has them talking about the whopper they giddily posted online.