In the end, Son knew best — and Mom and Dad agreed. Southfield defensive lineman Malik McDowell picked Michigan State today and signed to play football for the Spartans, despite the fact that his parents publicly pleaded with him to go elsewhere. Michigan, Ohio State and Florida State were the other finalists for the five-star prospect considered by many the top senior in the state. "I took a lot of input from my family," McDowell told the Detroit Free Press after nearly 15,000 viewers watched his Southfield High announcement on a live stream. "I listened to what they said, but I still had to make my own decision." Greg McDowell signed the letter of intent after his son signed it. Malik said he told his parents "about a month back" that he wanted to go to MSU, but his father and mother, Joya Crowe, tried to talk him out of it. That ended today. "I feel good about the decision," Greg McDowell said. "My son, he stood up and said, 'Hey, this is where I want to be.' And despite my reservations and his mom's reservations, I fully support my son. He showed me a lot today, he stood firm and didn't back down from anything." McDowell's father Greg, speaking immediately prior to the ceremony, said it remained his preference that his son leave the state for his college education, but that he supported his son's choice regardless of what it may be. Malik McDowell said he loves Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio.