The Phillies are a team fraught with “ifs.” If they avoid injuries and if the bullpen pitches well and if they get contributions from their corner outfielders and if the middle of their lineup resembles a version closer to 2008 than 2012, then the Fightins might have a fightin’ chance to reach the postseason. There are certainly encouraging components about the Phillies this year. But on a commercialized day of forced faux affection, we offer some things about the club that are less lovable: Their age: Many of the Phillies are old – or at least old as the definition applies to professional athletes. The first baseman is 33. The second baseman is 34. The shortstop is 34. The third baseman is 36. The catcher (who will be on a banned-substance induced timeout once the season begins) is 34. The outfield is young by comparison, but the entire infield is fairly close to qualifying for a discount at the movie theater. Among the pitchers, one of the three aces is 34 and another is 35. The setup man is 34 and the closer is 32. There are a lot of key players, perhaps too many, with ages that begin with a three instead of a two. Maybe that makes them experienced, but it also means their most important pieces are closer to the end of their careers than the beginning. How many of them will fight off the inevitable decline? Their health: This concern and the first concern are intertwined. Roy Halladay had shoulder issues that shut him down toward the end of last year. Chase Utley has two bad knees that might or might not hold up for a whole season. (He should start a support group with Andrew Bynum. Maybe call it the “Knights that Say Knee.”) Ryan Howard looked like a hollowed out version of his former self after returning from an Achilles injury last year. And there were reports about Cole Hamels having a problem with his shoulder during the offseason, though he denied it. All of that is worrisome. Their manager: I like Charlie Manuel. A lot. He’s easy to talk to, he’s funny, and he’s far brighter than his slow-witted critics contend. The problem isn’t with Manuel. The problem is with Manuel’s contract. The 69-year-old is in the final year of his deal. Smart people, like this guy, have asked whether Manuel will be gone after the season. The players, at some point, have no doubt wondered the same thing.