Position battles are a regular feature of college football’s preseason. With the inevitable roster turnover, star players will eventually move on, and new faces will have to come in to take their place. That decision is usually made after preseason work.

Those decisions haven’t been made yet due to spring workouts being largely canceled, but they’ll have to be made eventually. Here are five big position battles worth watching before the season starts.

5. Ohio State CB

The loss of top corners Jeff Okudah and Damon Arnette will definitely be tough for the Buckeyes to overcome. As usual, though, the Ohio State recruiting machine has left them well-equipped to absorb those losses. Shaun Wade’s return will at least ensure that some stability and experience is in the Ohio State secondary. They will also be buoyed by safety Josh Proctor, a top-100 recruit who should provide continuity at safety. That said, for the Buckeyes to be title contenders again, some cornerbacks are going to have to step things up.

4. Michigan QB

Michigan may ultimately use Dylan McCaffrey and Joe Milton as something of a tandem at the quarterback position, with both bringing different things to the table. McCaffrey is mobile but has questions about his arm. Milton is basically the opposite. It may depend on what Michigan needs on any given day, but someone has to get more reps than the other one. McCaffrey has a bit more experience, but it remains to be seen whether that will ultimately matter to Jim Harbaugh.