In addition to submitting to the NFL's concussion protocols this week, Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald saw independent neurologists all week. He will see another one Friday after practice. "He's not even a Cardinals fan," Fitzgerald quipped Thursday. When asked if the neurologist is a Seahawks fan, Fitzgerald said: "I hope not, (or else) I might have to bring him some brownies." There was a lot of attention paid to head injuries and concussions in professional sports the past several seasons. There is much we have learned; there is much we still don't know, whether its immediate impact or long-term effects. Fitzgerald is as versed as anyone on that information. But with two independent neurologists telling him he is good to go and two days of physical exertion behind him (one day of practice), Fitzgerald reiterated he expects to play Sunday in Seattle as the Cardinals chase a postseason spot. "It's concerning. It is, man," he said when the point was raised that we still have much to learn regarding concussions. "But I'm like anybody else. I just want to go do my job, have a good time and play and win and enjoy it while I have the opportunity. "There's no telling how long I'll be able to play this game -- how long anybody will be able to play this game or live life. I have an opportunity in something I truly love doing -- playing ball. That's kind of how I think about it.