Speaking to reporters at this week's owners meeting in Orlando, St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher made it clear that any potential trade involving his team's No. 2 overall pick this year isn't likely to come to fruition in advance of May's draft. “(We have) not really had any discussion with anybody, but that doesn’t mean to say we won’t," Fisher said. Fisher also pointed out that if something were to materialize, it would be naive to expect to get a similar return to what the Rams got in 2012 when they traded the No. 2 overall pick to Washington, which then used the choice on quarterback Robert Griffin III. This year's No. 2 pick is the final piece of currency the Rams received in that deal. "But I think it’s highly unlikely that even if we did trade out that would we get the value that we did the first time around," Fisher said. Each draft has its own personality and that one was highlighted by the presence of two elite quarterbacks in Griffin and Stanford's Andrew Luck. Those players were highly coveted because of their position. This year's draft offers no similar alternatives, though it is considered a deep draft from top to bottom. The lack of clear-cut franchise quarterbacks combined with the depth of the draft means teams are less likely to give up a bounty as the Redskins did to acquire Griffin.