Tim Walton is far from a household name to many who follow the NFL as fans or cover the game in the media. But Rams coach Jeff Fisher has had an eye on Walton for some time. Walton, 41, was officially announced as the team’s defensive coordinator on Friday. “I talked to Tim a year ago about this time,” Fisher said. “I had a great deal of interest in Tim last year, and for whatever reason it did not work out.” Fisher tried to hire Walton last year as the Rams’ assistant defensive coordinator-passing game, but Walton decided to return to Detroit where he had been secondary coach since joining the Lions in 2009. This time around, Fisher juiced up the job description to defensive coordinator – no “assistant” or other qualifiers attached. As the saying goes, it was an offer Walton couldn’t refuse. Walton was offered and accepted the job Tuesday, and the contract details became finalized Friday. He is not yet in St. Louis but will be at Rams Park on Monday, and then head out to Indianapolis and the NFL Scouting Combine with the rest of the coaches later in the week. On a conference call Friday afternoon with reporters, he sounded either overcaffeinated, or extremely excited. Or both.