As he strutted into the cramped bunker-like interview room in the lower reaches of Reliant Stadium on Sunday afternoon fresh off a 38-13 rout of the Houston Texans Rams coach Jeff Fisher showed us that among his many talents as an NFL head coach is his delicious sense of perfect comedic timing. “So how is everybody?” Fisher said with a devilish smirk flashing across his face. “Anybody have any questions regarding what just happened?” Uhhhhh yeah Fish we have plenty of questions beginning with ... well I dunno ... how about ... WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? Isn’t that what we’re all sitting here asking ourselves as we scratch our heads check our glasses then whirl back the DVR controls to slowly review and maybe even savor the sights and sounds of this unlikely crazy rebirth of a football team that less than two weeks ago was left for dead as NFL roadkill? But now these surprising 3-3 Rams are clearly on a remarkable rebound. They may not necessarily be fully recovered from the horrors that led to late-September massacres at the hands of Dallas and San Francisco. But there’s no doubt they have sucked down some sort of magic elixir because the team we saw romping past the emotionally wounded Texans looks very much like it actually knows what it’s doing again. Yes they can run the football (hello Zac Stacy this is officially your job to have and hold). They can assault the opposing quarterback with a vengeance. They can create turnovers play efficiently on offense be timely on defense and not make bone-headed plays on special teams. “We are playing back up to the level of where we should be” said defensive end Robert Quinn. “We’re starting to look like I always thought we should look. It took a little time but we’re back and now we have to stay here.” This was one of those classic Jeff Fisher-like gems where stats often lie but the scoreboard never does. The Texans outgained the Rams 420-216 on offense. Sam Bradford only threw 16 passes and finished with 117 yards in the air but three of his 12 completions went for touchdowns. Houston running back Arian Foster looked like Superman all day rushing for 141 yards and a whopping 7.1-yard average per carry and accounted for nearly 200 yards of total offense.