Maybe it says something about the kind of receiver Doug Baldwin has become that the season he had in 2016 generated relatively little fanfare. Not that people didn’t notice Baldwin tying the franchise record with 94 receptions and setting a career high with 1,128 yards. But the time when Baldwin had anything to prove to anyone has pretty much passed. Baldwin received some pretty significant validation last summer when he signed a four-year, $46 million extension last summer. Then he backed it up with a season as statistically impressive as any in Seahawks history. Most of this season, Baldwin has been reluctant to talk much about his statistics or potential records, or playing in the wake of the contract. But Wednesday, with the regular season over, Baldwin addressed it, saying that he understood the contract put a spotlight on him he hadn’t had before, though he said it was more about living up to his own expectations than anyone else’s — something he admits has changed through the years. “A little bit,” he said of living up to the pressure of the contract. “I think more so the pressure came from myself. I was like, alright you did it once, let’s see if you can do it again. That was more so the pressure, competing of myself. I think I’ve matured to a point now where I’m not always trying to prove you guys wrong or the critics wrong, more so trying to prove myself right. That’s where it comes from, that’s where the pressure comes from, more so trying to prove myself right again.”