This was going to be a story on the similarities between Teemu Selanne and Sami Salo. From the outset, it seemed like a good idea. They're both from Finland and born in cities no more than two hours drive apart. They've both played in the NHL for more than a decade and have been teammates at three Olympics and on countless world championship teams. They both love fast cars. They both play floorball in the off-season. And, they both suffered injuries to their Achilles tendon during their careers. That last part being the hook, with Salo having rejoined the Vancouver Canucks from his LTIR conditioning stint with AHL's Manitoba Moose on Wednesday. Then the Anaheim Ducks sniper had to go and wreck everything. "I was 24 and they were two different things," said Selanne, prior to recording a pair of assists in the Ducks' 4-3 victory over the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena. "Mine happened by a skate and only 80 per cent was cut." But still, the two must have at least spoken, with Selanne offering some goodwill and rehab advice in the months since Salo ruptured his Achilles in a freak floorball injury on July 22. "No," said Selanne, rather matter of factly, although in his defence, it was the tail end of media availability and he was getting accosted in every direction, not the least of which was a golf offer from a local radio personality. It was 17 years ago when Selanne, then a member of the Winnipeg Jets, suffered the season-ending injury after having his right Achilles tendon cut by Anaheim Mighty Ducks defenceman Don McSween's skate on Jan. 26, 1994. As the now 40-year-old veteran so kindly mentioned, some of the tendon remained intact. Selanne returned to the ice eight months after surgery, scoring four goals for the Jets in an 8-2 win over Tampere in an exhibition game held in Helsinki. Salo is expected to make his NHL return against the Calgary Flames on Saturday, six months and two weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the shattered tendon. Salo played three games with the Moose, scoring twice in his debut last Friday. He returned to Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon.