If you're a sports fan you probably remember the 1986 World Series. That series can be summarized by one name, whether it's fair or not.... Bill Buckner. You remember it don't you? The Red Sox were leading the series 3-2 and Game 6 had gone into extra innings. A routine ground ball was hit to Buckner at first base when the unthinkable happened. Reminiscent of my days in Little League, the ball rolled through the legs of the first baseman and the winning run came around to score. Game over. For years Buckner's name was synonymous with failure - he was the reason the team hadn't gotten the championship they deserved. He was the villain. The scapegoat. The name that sparked anger in every Red Sox fan that walked around Boston. And (of course) this got me thinking. Who is the Indianapolis Colts' Bill Buckner? Who was one of our own that kept the franchise from realizing the success of a championship earlier? That's why, over the next couple of weeks I will post a series of articles that puts some of the biggest scapegoats in Colts history against each other in a 'loser-take-all' tournament.