This is not a complicated post, but neither is it going to be based on a single number and some pop culture references. The point of this essay is merely to look at current pitchers that profile similarly to Dillon Gee -- statistically -- and see what those pitchers tell us about Gee's chances of improving further this season. In order to manage this small feat, we'll have to first define Gee. The good news, at least in this effort, is that Gee himself has shown a range of outcomes in key statistical fields. For example, he struck out 21% of the batters he faced last season. In 2011, that number was 16.2%. So let's set the range for strikeouts between 16 and 21%. Following the same general guidelines, we can also say that Dillon Gee was a pitcher that walked 6-10% of his opponents and garnered a ground ball 47-51% of the time. Let's set the bar at 300 innings over the last three years.