The final day of the 2020 regular season promises to be a wild one, with every game on the schedule beginning at 3 p.m. ET.. On Saturday, the Cubs clinched their first National League Central title since 2017 thanks to a Cardinals loss, and the Twins clinched home field in the American League Wild Card Series with a win over the Reds. Meanwhile, the White Sox beat the Cubs to keep hope of their first AL Central title since 2008 alive.

That leaves the AL postseason field complete, but with all but two seeds (Rays at No. 1 and Astros at No. 6) unresolved heading into today's action. And in the NL, the top four seeds have been claimed by the Dodgers, Braves, Cubs and Padres, but No. 5 through No. 8 are all up for grabs. The Brewers blanked the Cardinals in St. Louis and by the end of Saturday found themselves holding the eighth and final NL seed. The Giants and Phillies are on the outside looking in, but with hopes of sneaking into the playoffs still alive.

Here is what the playoff picture looks like heading into today.

Reminder: Major League Baseball announced an expanded postseason format in 2020, which will include eight teams in each league. The top two teams in each division qualify, and the two teams with the next-best records in each league make it as Wild Cards. All ties will be resolved mathematically, without tiebreaker games. For full details on the 2020 postseason format, read here.

Wild Card Series (begin Tuesday)
Best-of-three format, with higher seed serving as the home team for all three games

AL matchups
No. 8 Blue Jays vs. No. 1 Rays*
No. 7 Indians vs. No. 2 Twins
No. 6 Astros* vs. No. 3 A's
No. 5 Yankees vs. No. 4 White Sox

*Seed locked-in

NL matchups
No. 8 Brewers vs. No. 1 Dodgers*
No. 7 Reds vs. No. 2 Braves*
No. 6 Marlins vs. No. 3 Cubs*
No. 5 Cardinals vs. No. 4 Padres*

*Seed locked-in

• 2020 Postseason schedule

WHO HAS CLINCHED: The A's became the first team to clinch a division title on Monday, followed by the Braves and Dodgers on Tuesday, the Rays on Wednesday and the Cubs on Saturday. Other teams to lock up postseason berths are the Astros, Reds, Marlins, Blue Jays, White Sox, Twins, Yankees, Padres and Indians.

WHO IS NEXT: The Brewers can clinch a postseason berth with a victory over the Cardinals. The Cardinals can clinch a postseason berth with a win over the Brewers. The Giants can clinch the No. 8 seed in the NL with a win over the Padres and a loss by the Brewers. The Phillies can claim the No. 8 seed with a win over the Rays and losses by the Giants and Brewers.

Here is a look at where each remaining contender -- defined as either having clinched a playoff spot or is still alive -- stands heading into the final day of the regular season. Teams are listed by division and then in order of standing.

HOW DO TIEBREAKERS WORK: Tiebreakers are different in 2020 than in previous seasons. For details on this year's rules, read this. And for the latest on where each team currently stands, read the Key Tiebreakers sections below.