Today's question: Can Scott Hartnell have a shortened season half as good as 2011-12? Tim: Scott Hartnell is not going to duplicate his career numbers of a year ago: 37 goals, 67 points. So now the question becomes: Can he get half that total in a shortened half-season, say 18 goals, 34 points in 48 games? He's capable, but is it realistic to think he can duplicate the pace of last season, especially without the gifted talents of having Jaromir Jagr around to pass him the puck? I don't see it. I'll go with 15 goals. And the fact that Hartnell didn't play competitively during the lockout places him a few strides behind most other Flyers in training camp. He won't be in game condition, even though he looks in shape. Sarah: Scott Hartnell will miss Jaromir Jagr. He'll miss him on the ice and he'll miss his influence off the ice. That said, at least to start the season, Hartnell will probably still be on the Flyers' top line along with Claude Giroux. That should certainly help him in his efforts to match his career year of 2011-12, but I don't think it's enough -- especially considering Hartnell elected not to join a European team during the lockout. So, can Hartnell have a season on par with last year's? I doubt it -- but I don't think he'll have a poor season either. I think Tim's estimate of 15 goals is a solid one, but if that's the over/under I'm going with the under.