Technology in the match ball used at the World Cup proved conclusively that Cristiano Ronaldo did not make any contact with the ball for Portugal's opener in their 2-0 win over Uruguay on Monday, FIFA and ball manufacturers Adidas have confirmed to ESPN.

Portugal opened the scoring in the 54th minute, but the identity of the goal scorer was shrouded in doubt, with both Bruno Fernandes and coach Fernando Santos unable to clarify postmatch whether or not Ronaldo provided the decisive final touch.

ESPN has been told the technology inside the ball proves Ronaldo's head did not make contact with it on the opener, meaning the goal is awarded to Fernandes.

"In the match between Portugal and Uruguay, using the Connected Ball Technology housed in adidas's Al Rihla Official Match Ball, we are able to definitively show no contact on the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo for the opening goal in the game," read a statement provided to ESPN from FIFA on behalf of Adidas.

"No external force on the ball could be measured as shown by the lack of 'heartbeat' in our measurements. The 500Hz IMU sensor inside the ball allows us to be highly accurate in our analysis."