At this very tricky time of year, NHL teams are keenly aware that the options open to them before the trade deadline represent theoretical possibilities for improvement, and even a stab at a championship, but guarantee nothing. Few teams understand that better than the Nashville Predators, a club that, as always, will be worth watching from now until the 26th of February. The Predators are always a team with a history worth examining because they’ve had the same general manager, David Poile, since the day they came into the league. Ownership has changed, coaches have changed (they’ve had two!) and players have changed, but Poile, ever since he decided he’d rather be the general manager of an expansion team in Tennessee than GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has had his fingerprints on every Nashville decision. Since first registering 100 points in a season and becoming a contender in the 2005-06 season, the Preds have sometimes dabbled at the trade deadline (we consider all deals in the two months before the official end of trading to be deadline deals) and have sometimes thrown all their chips into the pot.