The task is simple: Name the 25 best clutch hitters in baseball.

However, there has never been a go-to way to quantify "clutch," so in order to put together this list, a number of different statistics were taken into consideration.

After some digging and debating, I landed on these four metrics to measure clutch:

The question was how to use those statistics to best demonstrate the difference between Player A and Player B in terms of contact ability.

On the following slide, I've outlined my methodology and scoring system, and I encourage you to give that a read before diving into the article.

Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position (BA/RISP): A player's batting average when there is at least one runner on second or third base.

Batting Average in High-Leverage Situations (BA/HL): A player's batting average in high-leverage situations, as defined by the FanGraphs leverage index.

Weighted Runs Created with Runners in Scoring Position (wRC/RISP): A player's total offensive value contributed with runners in scoring position measured in runs.

Weighted Runs Created in High-Leverage Situations (wRC/HL): A player's total offensive value contributed in high-leverage situations measured in runs.