Former female colleagues of Toronto Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun are speaking out following the 46-year-old’s Sportsnet firing last week for “inappropriate behavior and comments.” Speaking anonymously Friday to the Canadian Press, Zaun’s alleged sexist conduct was tolerated for years as a result of a toxic work environment, leaving female employees fearful to address the situation with higher ups. “Zaun’s on-air brand and image was based around aggressive masculinity so when he wore [undershirts] around the office and made rude sexual comments directly to women, or in close proximity of women, with the clear intention of making us uncomfortable, it was sort of implied: that’s who he was, deal with it,” one employee claimed. Nicknamed “The Manalyst,” women “didn’t feel empowered” to discuss Zaun’s behavior to an all-male senior management team. Another female employee said the former MLB catcher’s termination was the result of someone feeling “comfortable enough to speak up.”