Starting point guard Raymond Felton believes being the oldest team in NBA history last season was an interesting distinction but ultimately cost the Knicks a chance at a title. Felton said the Knicks have a greater chance of success in 2013-14 because they have become younger. Felton pointed to the elderly bench of Rasheed Wallace Kurt Thomas Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd who fell apart in the playoffs as part of the team’s ultimate undoing getting KO’d in the second round by the Pacers. With training camp opening Monday none of those players are back. Three of them have retired. “We’re a younger team this year’’ Felton said at an Under Armour appearance at Macy’s in Herald Square. “Kurt Thomas Rasheed love them like brothers. [But] those guys were 38 39 40 years old. Once they got injuries they’re out and it hurt us last year. We’ve added Metta [World Peace] [Andrea] Bargnani Kenyon [Martin] and Amar’e [Stoudemire] are coming back. Tim Hardaway [Jr.] looks great by the way. I’ve been most impressed with him. It gives us depth at that big spot and youth. Those guys are younger. “No knock to the guys we had last year. Those guys had incredible careers. I wish I could play that long. But we are young. That’s what I’m saying. We’re a younger team this year. We still got depth from last year but we also have a younger bench. That’s going to help us later in the season.”