It was toward the end of July - well under a month ago, in fact - that the Mariners traded Ichiro. They just traded him, out of nowhere, to the Yankees of all teams, right as the Yankees were getting set to play the Mariners in Seattle. It was bizarre, unfathomably bizarre. We thought we could fathom it but I do not think we fathomed it appropriately, or enough. After that happened, I just kept wanting to write "the Mariners traded Ichiro! To the Yankees!" for days upon days. The Mariners traded Ichiro! To the Yankees! How did we ever stop talking about that? Yesterday afternoon, Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game on a perfect day in a perfect ballpark in a perfect region in front of a perfect personal cheering section. The hell with Ichiro, why would we ever stop talking about this? I mean, we will, and we probably will tomorrow, but we won't be right. We won't keep talking about Felix. We should keep talking about Felix, until every last angle has been explored, and then explored again.