Pedro Feliciano still has visions of making the Mets’ roster, but won’t get an immediate opportunity to pitch. The veteran reliever has been shut down from baseball activities for at least two weeks as further tests are done on Feliciano to evaluate a potential heart ailment. Feliciano indicated on Saturday he has a “small hole” in the exterior of his heart, but yesterday general manager Sandy Alderson said it’s unclear to doctors if that is the case. Feliciano will be attached to a portable heart monitor, according to Alderson, as doctors try to reach a diagnosis. “They don’t know yet,” Feliciano said, when asked if there was a name for his condition. “It’s Feliciano’s Condition. Who knows? I just want to pitch.” Feliciano said he feels normal physically. “When I come back I hope I pitch good, surprise everybody and make the team,” Feliciano said.