FC Dallas may be set to take advantage of the reported MLS U22 Initiative (Clavijo Rule?). There are multiple reports out of Hungary, from 444 HU and Nemzeti Sport, that say FC Dallas is set to sign Szabolcs Schön from MTK Budapest (Hungarian top flight).

The reports are very specific in their details, Szabols will join FC Dallas in May (MLS Primary transfer window is from February 10 to May 4), upon completion of MTK Budapest’s season, which sees his current club in the midst of trying to earn a birth in the Europa League. FC Dallas is said to have agreed to pay €1.2 million Euros ($1.46 million) if incentives are met, and the player has agreed to a three year deal.

Schön turned 20 years old this last September and is a left wing player capable of playing on both wings. Szabolcs was signed in 2019 by MTK Budapest, arriving on a free transfer from the Ajax U19s, where he had played in 37 matches.