A season that ended too soon for coach Pete Carroll also finished in a manner he didn’t really like — with Seahawks players visibly displaying their frustration with a few tiffs on the field against the Falcons, and in one notable instance in the locker room afterward at a reporter. And Monday, as he held his end-of-season press conference, Carroll said a focus for the future will be to make sure his players understand the fine line between emotion and distraction and attempt to stay on the right side of it more often. “I think there was a couple outbursts that we had that we documented well, that really took us to a place we don’t want to be, we don’t want any part of it,’’ Carroll said. “The emotional side of it brought out some expressions, took us to a place that was a distraction and we had to get through and we did. … Sometimes the setbacks can allow you to grow and they did. We don’t need those distractions, it’s hard enough. It’s hard enough to get it done when everybody is in lock step and all of that.’’ Carroll said that message was relayed to the team when he met with his players for one final time Sunday.