As it turns out, Derrick Favors is quite the help defender. When Al Jefferson is seeking input on improving his offensive game, the starting Jazz center turns to the lankier, more athletic Favors. "I learn defensive stuff from him and I’ve been in the league nine years," Jefferson said. "D-Faves, it’s only his third year. Never too old to learn things and pick up things from younger players." Jefferson, who leads the Jazz with 17.5 points and 9.1 rebounds is frequently criticized for his pick and roll defense. Where Favors’ athleticism, as coach Tyrone Corbin said, "gives him an opportunity to recover on plays … Al has to position himself to cheat a little bit more." Jefferson said playing with Favors and starting power forward Paul Millsap, whom Jefferson called a "great defensive player," helps him improve. Favors joked that it’s "kind of awkward" offering tips to a veteran, but that he’s grown into the role.