Raymond Felton is firing back at his Portland detractors who made him a scapegoat for the Blazers’ rotten lockout season. “They didn’t make the playoffs last year when I was there,’’ Felton said before the Knicks’ ugly 117-94 loss to the Nuggets last night. “When I looked last, I don’t think they’re in the playoffs now.’’ It is a virtual certainty Felton will be booed heavily tonight at the Rose Garden as the Knicks face the Blazers (29-33). They hate him more there than they do the frequent rain for reporting out of shape and playing miserably the first couple of months. When the Knicks and Portland executed their sign-and-trade last July, the sigh of relief in Portland was audible, as was the laughter the Knicks were banking on Felton as their starting point guard over prodigy Jeremy Lin. It has worked out fine. “The worst moment I had in basketball was there,’’ said the always candid Felton, who scored just eight points and had four assists in 29 minutes last night. “For sure. I’m not going to put it on the fans because some were great. I met a lot of good, real-important Trail Blazers fans. Certain people there, I don’t want to see and better not come near me.’’