Snap. Catch. Chop, chop, chop. Earhole. Throw. It takes longer to type what Peyton Manning does from snap to release than it does for him to get rid of the ball. Don't call Manning the quickest draw in the West. He has the fastest release of any NFL quarterback in the West, East, Midwest, North and South. On average, Manning delivers his pass, snap to release, in 2.33 seconds — 0.17 of a second faster than his average release time last season, his first with the Broncos, and nearly a tenth of a second faster than the league's next-quickest trigger this season, Jacksonville quarterback Chad "Ready, Set, Hit Me" Henne. "I've always believed that quarterbacks have to be fast thinkers," Manning said. "Be able to make quick decisions, kind of 'fast-twitched' was a term I was taught at a young age at quarterback, being a 'fast-twitched' thinker and decision-maker." Snap. Grab. Long stride. Throw. Last season, New England's Tom Brady had the fastest average release at 2.47 seconds. Manning ranked second at 2.50. (This season, Brady is tied for sixth at 2.54.) How about that? When Brady's Patriots and Manning's Broncos meet Sunday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., the high-profile game not only will feature the best NFL quarterbacks of the past 13 years, it will match the quarterbacks who get rid of the ball the fastest. Coincidence? "Well, we prefer to go against guys that are slow decision-makers and have a real slow delivery," Broncos interim head coach and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said with a sarcastic laugh. "My son plays quarterback, right? I'm always stressing what's most important is smart and accurate. A guy might run a 4.2 (in the 40) and jump 10 feet high. But is he smart and accurate? Can he make quick decisions and put the ball where he wants to put it, on time?" Brady went to the NFL scouting combine in 2001 and was so athletically unimpressive, he wasn't drafted until the sixth round. If each of Sunday's starting quarterbacks in the NFL were put through the scouting combine tests next week, Manning might come out ranked in the bottom five in mobility and dead last in arm strength. And yet Manning ranks No. 1 this season in passer rating, yards, touchdown passes and win-loss record — and the Broncos (9-1) are on a league-record scoring pace.