There are heavy shots, and there are those fueled by fast food. Olli Jokinen's first-period blast from the top of the circle qualified as both. The big Finn got all of his slapper, which ricocheted back out of the net so fast only Jokinen knew he scored to snap his goal-scoring slump of 15 games. Turns out there was a reason. "Four years ago, when I was in Phoenix and went through a similar slump, Gretzky told me to go have a burger, relax, don't think about hockey …" Jokinen told TSN's Jermain Franklin during the first intermission. "I did the same thing last night. I had a Big Mac meal from McDonald's, and maybe that was the key to score. "If the Great One tells you to go have a burger, you'd better go and do it, you know," he added after the game. I smell a new sponsor. Or not. "You can't eat a Big Mac meal before every game," Jokinen said. "It wasn't that good, but whatever it takes. You've got to suck it up. We got two points and can move on. "I did it for the team. It's all about the team. A little upset stomach (Friday), but it's all good."